Barnsley Street Pastors

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Helpful Advice

Posted on December 7, 2018

Street Pastors will be on the streets between 10pm & 4am on most Friday & Saturday nights to offer help and support to anyone who is unwell or vulnerable or in any form of difficulty or trouble – whether they’ve had an upset, lost their friends, are feeling the cold, need flip-flops, need help to get home safely or just want to talk to somebody.

Going out on the town can be good fun, but it’s also important for people to ensure they can get home safely, so here is some helpful advice.

The top tips are:

• People should eat before they go out to reduce the impact of alcohol & make arrangements on getting home in advance.
• Decide your limit in advance – and stick to it
• Avoid Rounds – round buying often means people drink more
• Pace yourself – slow down and take smaller sips, choose smaller measures or drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks
• Know what you’re drinking – stronger drinks or larger pub measures can make keeping track of your intake difficult
• Go for less alcoholic longer drinks – top up spirits with more mixer, drink spritzers or choose shandy rather than beer
• Beware of spiking – do not leave your drink unattended
• Say no to top ups – a repeatedly re-filled glass makes keeping track of your intake difficult
• Never drink and drive – leave the car at home or make sure you have a designated driver

And to keep yourself safe when you leave the bar:

• Keep with your friends and don’t walk home alone – get a taxi
• Keep warm – take a coat, party clothes are not the ideal outfit for waiting in line for a taxi on a freezing night
• Look after each other – make sure no-one gets isolated from the group particularly if they have been drinking heavily

“The Street Pastors will be ready to help anyone who needs support, advice or just a listening ear, without discrimination or judgment, working to ensure people get along, get home safely, and keep safe while out and about in Barnsley.”

Response Pastors now active in South Yorkshire

Posted on September 8, 2018

A Response Pastor is a Street Pastor who has received additional training to provide support to those affected by a disaster or crisis. 

Response pastors can be called upon any day or night to support and assist where appropriate. A response pastor is a crucial point of contact and an additional support to the established emergency services.

Response PastorsTheir primary task is to offer support and compassion to all in the event of a crisis or emergency, this may be outside emergency cordons at an incident or specifically to assist in a Humanitarian Reception Centre for survivors, evacuees or other persons affected by the event.

After training a local Response Pastors team will be established within a community to be called upon if required. All deployments will be initially managed by the national Response Pastors Coordinator at Ascension Trust.

Thank you letter

Posted on March 4, 2018

Hi, I was out on the 1st of March and my friend was extremely drunk and was in a bad way. She was unable to walk and was being violently sick, and me and my other friend were panicking and didn’t know what to do as we couldn’t move her and she was getting worse.

Then two of your street pastors approached us, offered her a bottle of water, flip flops to walk in instead of her heels and a lift to your alcohol treatment centre in a little church. We all went there with her and she was looked after and cared for, and they made sure we had a safe way to get home.

I’m just writing to say how grateful and thankful me and my friends are. We can’t express enough how amazing you are and how amazing what you do is. My friend will be so cautious about what she drinks now and you made us all realise how dangerous being in that state can be, so I just wanted to say thank you from all of us, you really are all amazing. Thank you to all the street pastors and the paramedics in the treatment centre, we can’t express how thankful we are.