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    http://barnsley.streetpastors.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Michael-Rossiter-150x150.jpg Barnsley Street Pastors Coordinator, Michael Rossiter. Mobile: 07581 412405 or by email: mbrossiter@hotmail.com

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    Called to be a Street Pastor?

    There is a new opportunity to train as a Street Pastor coming up.

    Anyone interested in becoming a Street Pastor in Barnsley,should contact the coordinator, for an application form.

    To apply:

    You must have been a committed Christian for over a year

    Can give a minimum of one Friday or Saturday night per month, from 10pm till 4am

    On receipt of your application form, references are sought from a church leader and another referee, followed up by an interview

    You are required to undergo a CRB / DBS check

    You must agree to undertake at least 12 sessions of training that includes subjects such as, counselling skills, drugs awareness, sociology, knowing your community, role and responsibility’s, and street safety and also contribute £300 towards the training & uniform costs.

    You will be commissioned at a special event.

    You will have accompanied a team as an observer to see us in action